Our Story

Learn about our committed, inspired and conscious co-founders, Kat and Dianna

Passed down from my Abuela 

Our search for healthy ingredients inspired us to develop Pink Dolphin. As two immigrants from Colombia we struggled to find quality products in western-make up.

We made it our mission to bring natural and locally sourced ingredients from the Colombian jungles and sea and make it accessible to you. Formulas and ingredients passed down from generation to generation, now backed by science. We’re here to share our secrets to keeping your skin healthy, happy & hydrated. 

Kat and Diana are proud to have created a skincare line that is not only effective, but also environmentally conscious and sustainable. Thank you for choosing Pink Dolphin Skincare, and we hope that our products bring you the same joy and nourishment that they have brought us.

Mother and Daughter Co-founder Diana & Kat 

The Secrets of Colombian Skincare

Skincare secrets passed down from mother to daughter for generations

Saving The Pink Dolphins one Bottle at a Time

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