Our Story

      Founded by two immigrant Colombian women that came to the United States and did not find the western make-up beauty products held up to par compared to the natural and locally sourced Beauty products from Colombian ingredients. These women's mission were to bring the Colombian secrets of beauty to America for a revolutionized method of beauty supplies  introducing Pink Dolphin Skincare. 

Welcome to Pink Dolphin Skincare, a natural skincare line founded by Kat and Dianna, two women who migrated from Colombia to America with a dream of creating a skincare line that harnesses the power of natural ingredients.

Growing up in Colombia, Kat and Dianna were surrounded by the rich, natural beauty of the rainforest. They became fascinated by the abundance of plant-based ingredients that were used by their ancestors for centuries to nourish and care for the skin.

Determined to share the benefits of these natural ingredients with the world, Kat and Dianna set out to create Pink Dolphin Skincare. They spent years researching and testing different ingredients, eventually settling on a line of products that are powered by a blend of indigenous Colombian plants and herbs.

Today, Pink Dolphin Skincare is a thriving business, with customers all over the world raving about the effectiveness of their products. Kat and Dianna are proud to have created a skincare line that is not only effective, but also environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Thank you for choosing Pink Dolphin Skincare, and we hope that our products bring you the same joy and nourishment that they have brought us.


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